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Knights of Columbus 9664
St. Michaels Council
Snohomish, WA

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The St. Michaels council 9664 is a local council of the Knights of Columbus.
We have been a part of the St. Michaels parish since 1987. We are located at 1512 Pine ave. Snohomish, WA.

We help our parish and our community in many ways. We perform service activities and hold social events and we raise money that is contribution to different causes.

Our web site now support Spanish and English versions

Upcoming Events

The Knights of Columbus will be serving the congregation at the 5:00 Mass on Saturday, June 2.

The business meeting will be Wednesday, June 6th.

If you have any questions about us please click on the “contact Us” link below.

The requirements to join the Knights of Columbus is that you must be male, 18 years old or older and a practicing Catholic. If you would like to join us please click on the “contact Us” link below.